wwworkshop is Jamaica's No.1 Digital Design & Web Development Agency.

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wwworkshop is a digital-first boutique agency that specialises in web development and brand identity design for small businesses and non-profits. We’re based in Clarendon Jamaica and while our team is small, the work we produce is only of the highest quality.

Our founder, Mikhail Green, created wwworkshop with the intention of elevating small businesses like you. Our work isn’t cheap but what we charge is fair based on time, skills and project scale.

wwworkshop /ˈwəːkʃɒp/

A small collaborative space where creatives from different backgrounds and professions come together to solve design problems.

Meet the wwworkshop team

Mikhail Green sitting on stool.

Mikhail Green

Creative Director, Founder
Deangelo Humphrey headshot

DeAngelo Humphrey

Art Director, Graphic Designer
Sheneek Ricketts headshot

Sheneek Ricketts

Copy Chief

wwworkshop believes in human-first values.

While some design agencies come off as cold, robotic text bubbles, wwworkshop embraces human connections. Whether it’s cracking a joke over email or apologising if we get something wrong, we treat you like a real person and not a talking wallet.

1. Kindness

2. Helpfulness

3. Efficiency

4. Loyalty

5. Simplicity

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Don't just take our word for it...

Philip Clarke,
Award-Winning Actor & Coach


‘wwworkshop’s designs are clean, clear and communicates the message succinctly. The mood and creativity of his work stays true to the character of the product.’

Jonnoy Powell,
Epic Shots By J


‘It was a great pleasure working with wwworkshop Design Studio. They did a wonderful job on a few designs that I needed for my business. I would encourage everyone to check them out.’

The Shoe Way


"Amazing service! Great designer! If you're a small business and need a different taste, check out wwworkshop Design Studio"

Carrie-Ann Malcolm,
Nail it Malli


‘It’s been a pleasure working with the wwworkshop team. They’re patient and can bring pretty much any idea to life. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for creativity, simplicity and class.’

Neiri Brand Consultancy


‘Thank you! You’re making my dream come to life. I can’t thank you enough’

Jay RXK,
Recording Artiste


‘wwworkshop is one of the best graphic design agencies out there right now. If you need anything branding related, they’re the guys to check.’

Dina Campbell,
FELS, UTech Jamaica


‘Working with Mikhail has been tremendous. He was always on time with the deadlines. He gives you what you want and adds his own touch to it.’

Bianca Shaw,
Bianca’s Makeup Artistry

‘I had a vision of what I wanted my logo and card to be … simple but chic. I presented wwworkshop with my idea, and they used their expertise to bring it to life. Mikhail was very professional and patient with me and I would highly recommend!’

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not based in Jamaica, is that acceptable?

Yes! We work with small businesses from all over the world. The only requirement is that you speak fluent English.

Do you sign nondisclosure agreements?

NO. We do not sign nondisclosure agreements.

How long does your design take?

wwworkshop offers graphic design and web development services to several clients so deadlines may vary. We recommend providing us with sufficient time, usually two weeks, to submit the initial design. We don’t take on rush projects.

Do I own the final artwork files?

Yes. You own the final artwork files. However, ALL unused artwork belongs to wwworkshop. We reserve the right to showcase your work in our portfolio.

Can I get my files back if I lose them?

No. We are not responsible for maintaining or keeping backups of designs once the final assets are handed over. Please keep a backup of your files on physical and digital storage.

What graphic design service do you provide?

Wwworkshop provides a wide range of graphic design services. These include but are not limited to: logo design, business card design, ID card design, banner design, flyer design, brochure design and more.

Am I included in the design/development process?

Yes. wwworkshop includes you in the design / development process. We will ask your opinions and have you sign off at different stages of the project.

I don’t like the design. What can I do?

If you don’t like what we’ve designed for you, we can continue to work together to understand what you want and approach the design accordingly. If you still don’t like the design, we can terminate the contract, and you will compensate us for the amount of work done at that point.

Do you offer website hosting?

No. wwworkshop does not offer website hosting to our clients. However, we can confidently recommend hosting your websites with hostinger.com or dreamhost.com.

How long does your website take to get designed?

A website can take anywhere between 2 business weeks and 5 months depending on the scale of the project, speed of feedback and other factors.